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The History Of Colonial Spring Company

Colonial Spring was founded in 1946 in Hartford Connecticut, expanded to a larger facility in Bloomfield in 1958 and again in 1977 to our current location in Bristol, CT.

CT Colonial Spring initially developed expertise in small compression springs for aerosol applications and leveraged those techniques well beyond that one type of product. The company added fourslide equipment, power presses, torsion and wire-forming equipment. Today, Colonial has 45,000 square feet of manufacturing where our associates use multi-axes forming equipment, a greatly expanded fourslide capacity, specialized coiling and torsion spring equipment and sophisticated test equipment. Our tool design and build expertise is supported by the latest CAD software and modern equipment.

In 1999 Colonial Spring acquired HanDee Spring Co. which increased the size of the company and initiated entrance to aerospace markets. The name of the company changed to Colonial/Handee Spring in recognition of the acquisition. Our penetration into the aerospace market has played a significant role in fostering growth and improvement. In 2003, Colonial/HanDee Spring became registered to ISO 9001:2008 and AS-9100B a year later. The prestigious AS-9100B designation is reserved for manufacturers whose procedures are deemed robust enough to produce critical, flight-oriented components.

In 2004, Colonial/Handee Spring merged with Triple A Spring. Triple A Spring specialized in strip and wire components processed on fourslide equipment. This merger expanded Colonial’s customer base and brought professional management to the combined company. Triple A Spring was wholly owned by SEI MetalTek of Dallas Texas.

During the first half of 2006, SEI MetalTek purchased the balance of Colonial/Handee Spring. Today Colonial/Handee Spring remains wholly owned by SEI MetalTek. More information is available at SEI has been in the metal forming and processing industries for several decades. The corporation has multiple operating divisions in our industry. SEI MetalTek remains open to additional mergers/acquisitions to grow and strengthen our company.

Recently, Colonial/HanDee Spring has reverted our name back to the simpler Colonial Spring Company. Colonial Spring provides a wide array of components to aerospace, automotive, HVAC, lighting, medical, military and mining customers. Our engineering and tool design staff work with customers to refine component design for better producibility, quality, and performance.

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